This course will explore the history of genocide as experienced throughout human history. The course will particularly concentrate on more recent events, such as the Holocaust during World War II, and seek to understand the flaws in human nature that allow such things to occur. The first session of this four-session course will concentrate on the historical experience in ancient and medieval periods, on to the enlightenment, and finally to World War I and the Armenian genocide. The second and third sessions will deal with antisemitism and the Holocaust from its earliest manifestations in Europe to the Nazi period where the worst example of genocide was implemented. The final session will review the postwar recognition of the issue of genocide and the phenomenon of Holocaust denial. This session will also cover the reemergence of smaller scale genocides in Indonesia, Cambodia, Serbia, and Rwanda and the world’s reaction. The question posed by the course is – can this blight on humanity be cured? Please register for this for Zoom only access. You must have a tablet/phone/computer with audio and video capability.