Get creative with this live interactive art class. Join professional artist, Emily Kuenstler for a step-by-step lesson in mixed-media art. We’ll start the class with introductions and prepping of our workspace. Then, we’ll look at examples of mixed-media art, and complete the following exercise:

Lay flat your canvas (cardboard/wood surface/stretched canvas).
Tear up scrap papers of various shades and colors.
Draw a horizontal line for the landscape.
Choose from desert, mountain, or seashore to create a study landscape from your imagination using torn paper.

After discussing the technique, we will work some more while we share impressions and critique as we go. At this point, you can begin on a larger piece using the same technique. If you are not able to complete the second piece in the class time, you will be given an opportunity to show it in Class #2.

Supplies for this class:

• Acrylic paint

• A variety of paper: used, decorative, found, printed, colored, newspaper, or patterned (plus fabric, yarn, sand, etc.)

• Sketches or drawings (art on paper) to cut up, use, and re-purpose

• Brushes, markers, pencils

• Glue Stick, and/or “Yes Glue” for paper, and/or White Glue

• Acrylic Medium or “Modge Podge” brand medium/water-based varnish coating

• (2) Cardboard and/or wood surface, and/or stretched canvas (1 small; 1 large)