Using guided imagery, we are led to images to paint. Or we may simply want to paint the face of a beneficent guide we meet in a visualization.

5 minute check-in
5 minute meditation in which we imagine meeting a safe, caring friend: Our Guide.

The Guide brings you to a safe space to Paint. Imagine it: Is it a wooded clearing? A beautiful home? A part of the world that makes you feel most alive and safe…

He or she cares about your happiness and has wisdom for you.

What does the Guide look like?…. Or show you?
Allow it…….Relax into your imagination……..Breathe……Paint it. If words are spoken, you may want to draw/write them in as well, as I did on “Perennial Woman,” belowSupplies:

Heavy, Large-scale paper or a primed/gessoed wood (larger than 11 x 17)
For example: poster board, Watercolor paper, Cardboard, or wood…
Tempera paint, crayons/pastel/oil pastel
Black diluted waterbased paint and/or ink
White paint

Water jar or pot