The Q’eros Quechua community from the high Andes of southeast Peru are known for their indigenous customs that are tied to a pre-Hispanic, Inca past. This talk introduces some of the main social and cosmological concepts of the largest empire in the Americas, the Incas, and connects these to the current lifestyle, beliefs and musical rituals of the Q’eros today. Holly will also share about her years of living with the Q’eros while studying their music for her PhD, which culminated in the life-changing experience of adopting one of their children.

Holly Wissler is a Tour Leader in the Andes and Himalayas, Lecturer for U.S. Study Abroad and a National Geographic Local Expert. Holly’s research has primarily focused on the indigenous Quechua community of Q’eros. She is the producer of three documentaries on Andean themes and has published multiple articles in Spanish and English. Here’s a link to Holly’s second documentary, From Grief and Joy We Sing: