In this class, we will discuss:
• An update on this year’s tax rules including any changes.
• How to take the larger standard deduction and still get a benefit from charitable donations.
• Tax strategies that make more sense now as legislation changes.
• How to lock in today’s lower income tax rates so you cannot get hit by a tax increase later—ever.
• Critical IRA planning and changes to how your kids and grandkids can inherit IRA and ROTH money.
• IRS changes to the required minimum distribution factors (we’ll show you the brand new rules and divisors and how to use them).
• A review of all the legislative changes of the last year and how they will affect you now.
• Last minute ways to take advantage of the Trump tax Cuts while we still have them.
• 2 other ways besides the Roth IRA to get tax-free benefits.
• The catches in the “Qualified Charitable Distribution” rules and how to avoid them.”