Yoga is a mind-body practice, thousands of years old, that helps us through challenging times. Join Gloria Drayer for a practice aimed at calming the body and mind to create the mental space helpful in [re]gaining perspective, peace, and serenity. Engage in a combination of gentle physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation to help physical and mental well-being. No prior experience needed. We use a sturdy chair for session one; a mat is optional for session two. Limited enrollment.
Gloria Drayer holds a 500-hour Kripalu yoga certification and has nearly 30 years of experience teaching yoga. Her sessions are given in a non-competitive environment where participants are encouraged to engage at a healthful and enjoyable level. Her workshops, including those dealing with life-altering topics such as grief, insomnia, osteoporosis, and back care, are held around the country. She is co-author of the book Yoga and Grief.