• Sessions: 1
    Class Date(s): 08-11-2022 to 08-11-2022
    Day(s) of the week: Thursday
    Time: 03:00 PM-04:30 PM Central Time
    Instructor: Gwenyth Mapes, Professor of Humanities
    Term: OE
    Location: Zoom - San Diego Oasis
    Ethiopia was the last African country instructor Gwenyth Mapes visited on Sabbatical during fall 2021. A war in the north kept me moving southwest through the Great Rift Valley toward Kenya, meeting and staying with tribes along the way. We will take a romp through some Ethiopian history, and a look at photos I snapped en route and in... read more
  • Sessions: 1
    Class Date(s): 08-12-2022 to 08-12-2022
    Day(s) of the week: Friday
    Time: 09:30 AM-11:00 AM Central Time
    Instructor: Steven Gimbel, Professor of Philosophy, Gettysburg College
    Term: OE
    Location: Zoom - Washington Metro Oasis
    Isaac Newton created the most important scientific theory in history. This theory not only accounted for the falling of apples and the motion of planets, but gave rise to a scientific worldview that many thought could explain everything. But that result bothered Newton, who thought it squeezed God out of the picture. We will explore Newton's life, science,... read more


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