Join us for an enlightening discussion with nationally recognized professionals, whose career accomplishments are extraordinarily impressive alone, but even more so because of the layer of adversity they’ve had to overcome because they are different. Judge Phyllis Randolph Frye, the nation’s first openly transgender judge has been featured in the New York Times among other publications for her incredibly difficult, yet inspiring path to success. Angela Kade Goepferd, MD, a married mother of three, who is openly gay, is the Chief Education Officer for Children’s Minnesota, Chief of Staff, pediatrician in the Children’s Minneapolis Primary Care clinic and medical director of Children’s Gender Health Program. Already recognized as a stellar pediatrician, her empathy for gender-diverse children and her ability to help them and their parents navigate a world that extends the boundaries of what is considered to be ‘mainstream’ sparked a program that exploded with demand in just two months of operation. This multi-generational panel of professionals discuss their experiences as transgender or gender nonconforming people and how they are weaving those life lessons into their career to help others.