In this class we will work on a larger piece. Decide on a Landscape view
Set up a still life. Sketch still life or view (landscape). Supplies for this class:
Acrylic paint
A variety of paper: used, decorative, found, printed, colored, newspaper, or patterned (plus fabric, yarn, sand, etc.)
Sketches or drawings (art on paper) to cut up, use, and re-purpose
Brushes, markers, pencils
Glue Stick, and/or “Yes Glue” for paper, and/or White Glue
Acrylic Medium or “Modge Podge” brand medium/water based varnish coating
Cardboard or wood surface, or stretched canvas.

During session: wash in fields of color. Cut amusing, lovely, scary, sweet, simple, odd pictures from newspapers, magazines, and/or junk mail…experiment with plain paper in abstract or curvy shapes: are they highlights? Can they provide focus? Glue in selectively. Consider whether or not to Paint in shadows and highlights.

As always, we will discuss technique as we work.