In this session, the power of simple media is exposed! This technique can be incorporated into previous projects, or stands alone:
Silouette Study
You’ll need your pencil and acrylic paint …and plenty of water handy Follow the contour of your still Life objects or the forms on a Landscape: Just THE OUTLINES. Use a single color of wash outside the pencil lines.

One can take this a number of ways: incorporating dense color or leaving transparency. Incorporating collage in either the positive or negative space. But the simplicity of the form we are drawing is the point of the exercise. We will discuss this process together in the work session of this class. Supplies for this class:
Acrylic paint
A variety of paper: used, decorative, found, printed, colored, newspaper, or patterned (plus fabric, yarn, sand, etc.)
Sketches or drawings (art on paper) to cut up, use, and re-purpose
Brushes, markers, pencils
Glue Stick, and/or “Yes Glue” for paper, and/or White Glue
Acrylic Medium or “Modge Podge” brand medium/water based varnish coating
Cardboard or wood surface, or stretched canvas.