Painting & Mindfulness: Meditative Painting 1

This interactive, hands-on class will focus on the meditative aspect of creating art using our senses and practicing mindfulness. No artistic experience is necessary—all skill levels are welcome. We will center on self-expression through painting with our minds open as we discuss the joys creating art can bring us. Just as meditators concentrate on breathing, we will use the process of making art as a form of meditation.

We will begin with two exercises to warm up our perception:

• Blind contour drawing
• Pattern painting: Beginning with a dot, and expanding to creating a “universe”

Next, we will take a two-minute meditation together, and then begin work on a larger scale.


• Heavy, large-scale paper or primed wood (examples below, choose ONE)
– 16”x 20” Canva-Paper such as Canson 136 pound, top bound pad: Purchase Here
– 16”x 20” primed stretched canvas such as: Purchase Here
– Poster board
– Card board

• Tempera paint, crayons/pastel/oil pastel
• Black diluted water-based paint or black ink
• White paint
• Multi-purpose paint brushes such as: Purchase Here
• Jar or pot for water