Political cartoonists are a gift to society. Likening themselves to the child in the fable who says, “The emperor has no clothes,” they are among our best social critics. With the goal of both amusing and educating, cartoonists point out that something is amiss and satire functions to illustrate the problem. As one cartoonist puts it, “cartoonists’ work exudes a quiet passion for pointing out how our world might be different. Cartooning won’t change the world, but that’s no reason not to try.” Let’s talk about cartoonists’ takes on a number of current issues – the Corona virus pandemic, the social justice/Black Lives Matter
movement, and the upcoming presidential election with its unique first—a Black woman candidate for the vice presidency, as well as current conversations and concerns in the cartooning profession. Class is given via Zoom: You must have a phone/tablet/computer with audio and video capability, Registration deadline is 10/1/2020.