Session 1
Welcome to part one of this three-part series on the Renaissance where we will discover how political upheaval, pathogens, and new technologies set the stage for society’s great rebirth. While drawing parallels with our world today we will learn how to create our own Renaissance-inspired masterpieces. We will take inspiration from Brunelleschi’s linear perspective to start our compositions before studying Donatello‘s contrapposto in the figure. All of this and more will set the stage for part two, highlights of the Renaissance.

Studio Component 1, with live step by step instruction in 3 parts.
What is composition?
Part 1. Define and create; How to break down the picture plane like a Renaissance master.
Part 2. Brunelleschi’s Linear perspective, simplified and put into action.
Part 3. Starting the figure and bringing it to life through a rebirth in the ancient contrapposto reinvigorated by Donatello.

Session 2
Welcome back to part two of this three-part series. In this course, we will delve into the heart of the Renaissance taking a grand tour of Florence, Italy, and beyond. Prepare to take in the highlights from the Duomo to David, the Sistine Chapel and more. As we take our tour through Renaissance Italy we will learn from the masters of it all. Adding on to our artworks with ideas like Giotto’s mass to create volume as well as Michelangelo’s movement and realism before setting the stage for the final act of the Renaissance in part three.

Studio Component 2, with live step by step instruction in 3 parts.
Why were these artworks so realistic?
Part 1. Human gesticulations bring us into a humanist view. Adding on to last class’ contrapposto; counterbalancing to the arms and shoulders with the hips and feet.
Part 2. Realism starts with a circle and the simplest of shapes inspired by Michelangelo.
Part 3. Shading our shapes adds mass and volume bringing the realism to the Renaissance from the hands of Giotto.

Session 3.
Welcome to the third and final part of our series on the Renaissance. In this class, we will step outside of Italy taking a grand tour of Europe to discover the Renaissance in Spain, France, Germany, and beyond. Throughout Europe, we will discover how the Renaissance paved the way for our modern world. As we tour Europe we will add the final touches to our masterpieces incorporating color and the magic of light witnessing how art and ideas had evolved by the twilight of the Renaissance in the works of Venetian master Titian and the controversial Caravaggio.

Studio Component 3, with live step by step instruction in 3 parts.
How do we bring it all together?
Part 1. Color and visual depth create dimension.
Part 2. Optical blending through thin layers of paint in Titian’s masterworks.
Part 3. The final touches, that which brings magic to our world, light and its counterpart shadow, the Chiaroscuro of Caravaggio.