Nia (neuromuscular integrative action) is a dynamic fitness and lifestyle practice. Nia blends the precision and body awareness of the martial arts, the expression of the dance arts, and the alignment practices of the healing arts. In just one hour, you will stimulate your entire body supported by the energy of comfort and pleasure. You will gain increased cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, mobility and stability. We move to soul-stirring music that stimulates our brains, our bodies and cells. You will learn how to self-heal and condition your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Nia is adaptable to all bodies and fitness levels. Join us to JOYfully condition and heal all of you.

This class will focus on the amazing design of the human body. Each session will begin with a brief anatomy lesson focusing on the beautiful design of the human body and how it functions. You will learn to appreciate your body even more and sense how to move in healthy ways from the inside out.